After Care

Massage: toxins have been released and it is normal to feel any of the following: headache, tearful, increased trips to the toilet, tiredness, skin breakout, dehydration. These should subside within 48 hours of treatment. Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and caffeine for 24 hours. Avoid eating for an hour after treatment (a light meal is advisable). Allow yourself time to relax/rest over the next 24 hours.

Facials: avoid wearing make-up, direct heat and sun or UV for 24 hours. Do not apply perfumed products to the area for 24 hours. Protect your skin with SPF from the sun, and moisturise, cleanse and tone daily. Remove make-up before going to sleep. Use the correct products for your skin type. Regular monthly treatments allow long term effects.

Waxing/threading: it is normal to experience some redness in the area. This should subside within a few hours. Avoid touching the area for 24 hours to prevent infection. Avoid steam treatments, swimming or hot baths – the pores are open and this may cause infection. Avoid perfumed products and exposure to sunlight/UV. Avoid applying make-up for up to 24 hours. Apply a soothing product and gently exfoliate regularly after 2-3 days. Return within 2-4 weeks to maintain effect (dependent on hair growth)

Tints: avoid make-up and heat treatments for up to 24 hours. Oil based make-up remover, and exposure to sun/UV can cause the effect to fade quicker. Return within 4 – 6 weeks to maintain effect.

Nail care: look after your hands – wear gloves for household chores and in the cold. File nails in only one direction. Apply hand and foot cream regularly and before bed. File rough skin on feet with a pumice stone or foot file. Keep toe nails short and straight. Use a base coat if painting your nails to prevent stain, and top coat for a shine and longer last. Use cuticle oil daily to keep cuticles soft.

Make-up: to prolong the look a fixative spray or setting powder can be used, and blotting sheets can be used to absorb excess oil. Reapply lip stick as required. After the event ensure you remove all make-up with a remover or cleanser (oil based removers are helpful for stubborn mascara). If false lashes have been used remove carefully. If any redness or irritation occurs remove the make-up and soothe. Seek medical attention if a severe allergic reaction occurs or persists.

Spray tan: avoid soaking in a bath for 24 hours. It is advisable to wear loose clothing and flip flops, and avoid showering for 8-10 hours. When you do shower some residue will come off, this is quite normal. To prolong the effect avoid waxing and excessive exfoliation. Moisturise regularly. Effect should last around 1 week. On the day of treatment please do not wear deodorant or moisturise.